Battlefield 1 vs. Infinite Warfare?

Battlefield 1 vs. Infinite Warfare?

The next iterations for two of the biggest first person shooting games have officially announced this year’s game. Activision revealed their gameplay trailer of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare soon after leaks of the name started going around the Internet. DICE and EA announced days before that they would reveal the next Battlefield game on the 6th of this month, and they did so beautifully with Battlefield 1. In this post, I want to go over which I think would win in this drastic change in scenery from the two. From sales, to gameplay, to legacy, all of that.


We have yet to see much gameplay from either game since they are still both at least half a year away from launching. Still, I have a general grasp on the concepts for both of them.

Horses in Battlefield is a huge change in first person shooters

Horses in Battlefield is a huge change in first person shooters

Infinite Warfare, quite obviously, is another future game, probably more futuristic than both Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3. The future is a fun setting and Activision decided to visit it another time to add more. I expect laser guns, lock on missiles, and other futuristic features, like temporary invisibility or faster movement speed. The environment could also be another post-apocalyptic place. Of course, this is all speculation but my goal was to give a general idea of where this COD was heading.

Battlefield 1, as seen on the trailer, is a World War 1 game. This goes way, way back and is so different from games like Black Ops or Infinite Warfare that it feels unfair to even compare the two. I mean, we could be talking about a 100 year difference in terms of setting.

Regardless, Battlefield 1 looks enticing because the weaponry or game style will be based more on strategy rather than hard arms and guns. We saw people hitting others with shovels, we saw trench warfare, and we even saw horses instead of mountain bikes or ATVs.


The graphics are part of the gameplay and in this section I think most people understand that Battlefield is usually the winner here. The BF franchise has always had a knack for graphics, living for the big moments like procedural building breakdown or previously in BF4, levolution. Again, we see in Battlefield 1 how beautiful the game runs on the Frostbite 4 engine. The game looks just as beautiful as DICE’s latest release, Star Wars: Battlefront, but set in the past. That makes it all interesting because we have never had a modern historic shooter game on this scale.battlefield 1 reveal vs call of duty

The PC requirements will probably sting for desktop users, but it should not be much different or higher than Battlefront’s system requirements. The recommended specs for that, according to EA’s website, are:

  • Intel i5-6600 processor or higher
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • ATI Radeon R9 290 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • DirectX 11.1

Those are the recommended settings, but you can go lower. See the minimum requirements on EA’s page. For Battlefield 1, processed with the same engine used to create Battlefront, the specification requirements are likely to be the same or just slightly higher. I would expect the minimum to be something like an i3 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and at least a GeForce GTX 720 graphics card. There are plenty of gamers that do not like to deal with separate PC components, and for those people, I found a handy list of gaming computers that would be able to handle Battlefield 1 at launch. You can find it at:


Call of Duty usually beats out Battlefield in sales because of its worldwide popularity among gamers and the fact that each iteration spawns a heavy eSports gaming fad. Also, COD games consistently get high reviews because of their replayability.

infinite warfare space call of duty vs battlefield

That does not leave BF1 in the dust though. With a completely different niche coming into this November, Battlefield 1 caters to a whole new audience, along with their loyal consumers that have been excited for “the next BF game” since Hardline disappointed us. I expect many more people to join the BF franchise and help DICE get some sales on their game.

Despite that, Call of Duty still has a massive advantage. For one, they have a historic record of game sales. Second, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is being remastered and sold in a package along with Infinite Warfare. Consumers can pick it up for only an additional $20. It will boost the sales for COD and most likely win out this war as well.

Legacy: Battlefield or Call of Duty?

Call of Duty’s legacy is in its outstanding sales record and the fact that Activision consistently makes a mark in the eGaming world. For Infinite Warfare, that continues. Especially with the Modern Warfare remaster, COD will live on as a franchise and given the anticipated success of previous remasters, I expect Activision to continue remastering previous games to make a profit.

Battlefield 1 changes so much that us fans can only hope DICE mastered their game. If this is a true WW1 experience that holds faithful to the Battlefield name while also providing us fun, massive gameplay, then this will be a staple in the BF franchise. If it is rather average, I still see a good dent in the market and a reshifting of focus for where the FPS industry is headed.

Update on Overwatch/Battleborn

I wanted to check up on the two, considering it has been quite a moderate time since all the discussion about either game has come to fruition, what with all the epic releases we have been getting this holiday season.

Since it has been months I feel it is safe to finally form a legit, non-biased opinion on the debate. Without question, Overwatch has blown Battleborn out of the water. The sales have been incredible compared to Battleborn. I was rooting for Battleborn because I love 2k Games, but wow it is pretty amazing that Blizzard’s game completely dominated that cartoon shooter market. I mean I kind of figured BB would have lost in sales anyway, but by this large a margin I don’t think we anticipated it.

Still, I appreciate 2K’s effort to stick by their game. Even when it was not selling well, they made some good moves that simply showed that they did not give up on the game. Instead of letting it die down early (example: Evolve) and not drop the price to bring new players in, they did the opposite. They put their ego aside and decided to drop the price weeks after release. A few months after that, it appeared on the Humble Bundle. So I truly do like that aspect of 2K.

But congratulations to Blizzard for their success. I love Overwatch and will not shy away from saying I play it more than Battleborn. Still, both games are fun and different in their own way.

Battlefield 1 Month!

Can you guys believe it? We made it through the year, absolutely hyped for this game (at least I was; there were a few emails from some of you saying you did not like BF1’s setting). But alas, it is finally here. October, the month it releases on the PC.

I already submitted my preorder for the game months ago so being able to download and play it at midnight is going to be a blast. I was about to get the collector’s edition but I feel like those are a waste of money these days. Still, the BF I have been waiting for for several months is almost within reach. Hope it is a good one!

What’s on my PC: Battleborn and Fable Anniversary

What is going on, Deescover fans. It has been a long time since I wrote on the blog and an even longer time since my last What’s on my PC update. As you know from the category, basically I write about what is currently going on with my computer. Whether that be video games or actual programs I am using, I will be posting whatever has been consuming my PC screen’s space in that specific time period.

This time around, almost late in the year, I am throwing it back to earlier this year. That’s right, my multiplayer game of choice right now is still Battleborn. The game came out in May, so the fact that it is already September and numerous other games have come out, just speaks to how replayable the title is. I actually wrote a post near its launch window comparing it to Overwatch and I was much more bullish on Battleborn than I was for Blizzard’s shooter.

I actually stopped playing Battleborn in the middle of the summer because

  1. I played it for hundreds of hours already at that point
  2. A couple of the characters were OP and I kept dying because of players abusing them
  3. I went on vacation and my gaming rhythm was disrupted

fable anniversary whats on my pc

After that hiatus, I am back into playing the first-person, role-playing, battle arena-type game and am so glad I am. The fun is still there and I am having a blast with some of the newer characters I unlocked.

I have a single-player game I am into as well, and that is Fable Anniversary. The game is also a throwback, even moreso than Battleborn because this one came out in 2014, a good two years ago. It is even more throwback because it is an “Anniversary” of the original Fable, which came out years and years before this one did.

But I did not mind because I love replaying older games on my computer. It is a tradition I have held for a while and has kept me sane and in tact from all the gaming hype that surrounds new titles these days.

Fable Anniversary is still as fun as when I first played the original game and I love the HD remaster. The graphics are really outdated, though, but I don’t mind because that comes with playing older games.

So what’s on your computer? Email me! I love talking to each one of you fans. Have a good one.

Overwatch or Battleborn?

In spite of the release of Overwatch, I decided to share my opinion on two very similar shooters that came out recently. The first, obviously is Overwatch, but developed by the fine folks at Blizzard, and which looks like a solid competitor in the FPS market.

The second has to be Battleborn, another great looking game that came out earlier this year. They both are shooter games that have a “hero” capability where the user is able to play as one of many heroes. Game mechanics like hero upgrades, ability upgrades, and leveling up are all included in both games. This post will highlight most of the differences between the two, and maybe if I’m up to it, I’ll let you all know which I prefer. Because I have played both games; I own Battleborn and have been playing it for the last few weeks, and I have played the open beta on the PC for Overwatch, which is also a fun one. Stay tuned.

Briefly: Battleborn is an excellent strategic game that came with such a chaotic feel. If you love that kind of thing, with first person strategy and a somewhat comedic play style, definitely go with Battleborn. Overwatch is just as humorous and I really appreciated the effort Blizzard put in to make it a funny, laid back kind of game. This is a fast paced shooter which requires hardly any strategy other than some of the perks, weapons, and gadgets you can use.

I love both of the games, but they are so different that I do not even know how people used to compare them months ago. I would suggest borrowing each game and see which one has the better feel for you.

Twitter is up! Follow Deescover Stories

Hi everyone, Geoffrey here. I just wanted to create a small update since this blog is getting some traction in terms of readers. I set up a Twitter a while ago, but didn’t mention it on the blog as I wasn’t quite ready. I want you all to follow it if you are interested in more active updates from me rather than just the blog. I will be posting things I find interesting, so more stories for all of you.

I will definitely still be updating the site though, so don’t worry on that front.

The Twitter is @Deescovercom. See you all there!

What’s on my PC: Destiny, Doom, and DS

Another series I am writing up is What’s on my PC. I will be posting updates on what kinds of things I am doing on my beloved computer so you guys are aware of what I’m up to. These updates will not focus only on games, though they are the primary points. They will also consist of programs I am tinkering with, PC projects I am working on, or basically anything on my desktop that I would love you guys to know about. Do feel free to email me your own WomPC stories and let me know what you are working on too. Maybe our hobbies coincide and we share some great stories? 🙂

This time around, I am playing Destiny. Still. Yes, it is extremely addicting and I seemingly cannot get enough of it. Is it that good a game? No, not really. There are a ton of things to do but they mostly revolve around the same gameplay mechanics. I do love the constant leveling up and progression I see in my characters, though. And that PvP is top-notch. I love teaming up with my fireteam squad of friends (you guys may join too, just send me an email) and cooperating to beat the other team. It has easily become one of my favorite moments in gaming the past 3 years.

Another thing that has come up: Doom. As you know, it launched a while back and I did an introductory post that welcomed the game to the world. I have been playing this game not non-stop, but fairly consistently in my free time. It is up there with Destiny as my main game that I have picked up and play without even thinking of it. The multiplayer is fun and quick-paced, which changes things up from the different games I have been into.

Keep sending feedback on the layout of Deescover Stories! Love reading them.

Keep sending feedback on the layout of Deescover Stories! Love reading them.

Lastly on this update is I have been working hard to constantly update the site that I figured it was worth a mention. It has consumed a lot of my time, as I have spent that time working on the design, editing the logo a little bit, fixing up some regular site glitches, as well as writing and editing content. I also love spending my time reading all your emails so keep those coming!

Doom: My Experience Playing the Beta

Doom launches on May 13 this month and before it does, I wanted to run a post regarding my stories in the beta, which was open for all users on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The game was nostalgic of the original Doom. Unfortunately, the graphics were too.

The game was nostalgic of the original Doom. Unfortunately, the graphics were too.

I thought the beta was pretty good. Your first impressions will always be that the game is frantic, fast-paced, and each round is short. At least those were mine, and many people shared the same thoughts.

I liked the fast-paced style. Ironically, it reminded me of Call of Duty, a more modern quick shooter which actually derived and developed from the original Doom PC game. Still, the controls felt right. Playing on PC especially was great since the mouse movements were entirely yours and you were able to control your character so quickly.

Another thing of note is how quickly the rounds go. They are all short and last seemingly only 4 or 5 minutes. It could get frustrating, especially if you are someone that enjoys Battlefield like I do (see: our first trick shot tutorial of BF4 for the PC). However, if you are one that prefers games not to stretch out longer than they need to, Doom could be a special game.

Overall, I see a fairly fun and very addicting game coming up. Some things I do wish were fixed include perhaps debuffing of some of the powerups that could be picked up within the video game, and also maybe slightly crispier graphics. Of course the latter will not be fixed any time soon as the game has gone gold already, but here is to hoping for a quick patch post-launch.

Battleborn Launch: My First Thoughts

Battleborn (more information at Gearbox’s official site), as you may understand, launched today (May 3, 2016) on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To be quick about it, the game is a first person shooting game focused around being a battle arena, League of Legends-type game as well. What makes it interesting is how well Gearbox is able to blend this concept, instead of forcing the two gaming genres to be something.

My first thoughts, back when I played the open beta and then today when I installed it and played as soon as it was available on the Steam platform, was how colorful the whole game was. There were a lot of things going on in the environment, too, from damage counters to stray bullets flying away.

I haven’t played the game in its entirety just yet, nor have I played long enough to truly conceptualize whether or not you readers will like the game. All I would like to share is that it is a fun, fast-paced game that also tries to create a strategic style. So if you are into those elements, definitely try it out. I’m sure Redbox will have it for rent, or if you are like me, just buy the game, play it, and if you don’t like it, trade it in while the value is still high. At least it will only be a couple bucks lost rather than a whole game’s worth of money lost ($60 USD).

For more tips on deciding on buying a game, read my thoughts on Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare, coming later this year.

How-to Trick Shots: Battlefield 4 Parachuting Defib

I have decided to bring back an all-new tutorial series in gaming: how-to trick shots. In essence, these articles will be brief summaries and tips on how to do something specific in PC games. This series will kick off with a Battlefield 4 parachuting defib kill tutorial. I will show you how to have fun jumping off a building, pulling out your parachute, and then defibbing an unlucky foe below you. For more of these, I, as well as other authors or perhaps even some of you that wish to contribute, simply visit our cat page: How-To Trick Shots.

How is it done? Well, I do not have a full video of me performing the stunt on my gaming rig, but I do have someone else’s that captures basically the same concept. Watch it below:

Pretty cool right? So in the video, the guy just jumps off, lands safely, and quickly knifes the guy. In our shot, we will be doing the same, except making it exceptionally more funny by pulling out or defibs and making someone embarassed.
  1. First, you need your Assault class. This is obvious since it is the only class in the game that actually has defibs. Of course, you can vary it up here and be creative. Use the Support class in Battlefield for C4 explosives, or be even more skillful and use the Phantom Bow and go for the headshot.
  2. So get in the game, preferably spawning at a beacon or a high building you can jump off. You need high ground to, well, parachute.
  3. As you are falling, keep in mind when you want to deploy the chute. If going for a knife kill, make sure you go right before you land, but give it time to actually deploy. Same thing goes for paddles. But for the more creative options in Step 1, you will need to deploy a little bit earlier so you get time to shoot your bow or place your C4s and still be safe.
  4. Go for it. Get the kill and beware of your surroundings.
  5. Get the video and upload to YouTube! Make a montage even. Send it to us and we will have a laugh. Or if you’d like, we can feature it right here on the blog.